VMP2024 Vendor Terms & Conditions

April 19 & 20, 2024
Show Times: Friday 5pm-9pm & Saturday 10am-5pm 
Collective Arts Brewing, 207 Burlington Street East, Hamilton
www.thevintagemarketplace.ca // [email protected]

100% of the balance is due within two weeks of receiving the invoice. If the balance is not received by the deadline, the vendor waives all rights to the space designated on the specified on the application, or any space.
Registration is considered definite once 100% of payment has been received. 50% of your payment is non-refundable. If you cancel your Vendor Contract within 60 days of the event, we will retain 75% of your payment. If you cancel your Vendor Contract within 30 days of the event, you forfeit your entire payment.
Your complete order captured in your application form will be detailed on the invoice that will be sent to you once approved as a vendor. Please verify your order once the invoice is received.


Space Rental Fee includes agreed upon size of space, Vendor Spotlight on Instagram, and 2 complimentary tickets for vendor promotion. All tables and chairs can be ordered separately through the application form.


Exhibit space will be assigned by Show Management according to the application date, taking consideration of ideal traffic control and exhibit exposure or at the request of the Municipal Fire and Health Departments. Exhibits shall be arranged to not obstruct the general view or hide the exhibits of others, and will also be planned to limit proximity to competitive exhibitors. Plans for special built displays not in accordance with all applicable regulations should be submitted to Show Management before construction is ordered.


All booths must be set up between the hours indicated on the application. No changes to displays can be made during show hours.


Displays must not protrude beyond the measured booth dimensions, nor obstruct a clear view of the neighbouring booths, may not be taller than 8 feet high, including signs, and must be free standing. Displays cannot be attached to walls, structural supports, or flooring in the exhibit building, by nails, screws, bolts or permanent cement, nor may he/she suspend anything from the ceiling or rafters. No painting of the floor of the premises is permitted. No Vendor shall permit the exposure of any unfinished surface.


Exhibit space must be attended throughout the show hours by at least one representative of the Vendor. It is the Vendor’s responsibility to keep his/her area clean and orderly throughout the show and to ensure that it is ready for opening at the time the show opens each day. In the event that the Vendor’s booth is not open at any time during the show hours, Show Management shall have the right to open the said booth by the removal of any night sheets or other coverings of any sort, but shall be under no liability to the exhibitor for any loss or damage which may be caused thereby or as a result of the booth being opened in that way and then being left unattended.


All displays and promotional literature must be in good taste. The product or service must be presented in a professional manner. Orders for products may be taken and merchandise may be sold at a cash retail prices. Raffles and giveaways may be conducted but only with the approval of Show Management (please see below for more information).


All lobbies, corridors, aisle ways, restrooms, food and beverage concessions, and special assembly rooms will be considered as common show areas to be used for the movement and flow of the public and/or for their entertainment and convenience. No Vendor will be permitted to use these areas for the display or distribution of products, services, or their attendant literature.


Where an official contractor has been designated by Show Management to perform services for Vendor s such as rental of furniture, erection of exhibits, electrical work, plumbing, labor, or any other service, no Vendor or representative shall contract for such services with others than the said official contractor, unless permission has been secured in writing from Show Management.


Unless required by Show Management, no Vendor shall disassemble any part of his display before the show is officially closed. All exhibits must be removed by 10pm on the last day of the show. Anything remaining after the cut-off time will be removed by Show Management at the exhibitor’s expense.


All Vendor draws and promotional giveaways must be approved by Show Management prior to the show, but such approval shall not be construed to mean that Show Management deems the draw or promotional giveaway to be legally compliant. All Vendor draws and promotional giveaways must be free and clear of any financial obligation on the part of the winner and must be in compliance with all applicable laws. Mailing lists compiled by the Vendor at the show may not be sold or otherwise distributed and are for the exclusive use of the Vendor unless otherwise contested to by participating individuals.