2017 Highlights

The Vintage Marketplace aims to offer guests so much more
than just a thrilling and unique shopping experience.

Here are some of the exciting things our guests experienced at our 2017 show:

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Daily Fashion Show

Get ready to go back in time and explore the history of the fashion show! Girl on the Wing and the Eye of Faith take you on a journey from the original “fashion presentations” of the early 20th century to the hey-day of the 90s supermodel scene!
Show starts at 2pm each day.


Local Flavours - Vintage Coffee Roasters

While owner, Jesslyn Collins is fairly new on the scene in Hamilton, she’s a veteran when it comes to food and wine. Her love of great wines translates perfectly into coffee. Discovering the flavours and nuances of specialty coffee has been an ongoing education with endless rewards, certainly with no end in sight as she shares her experience through her work. Vintage Coffee Roasters provides freshly roasted, ethically sourced coffee as well as many sweet and savoury treats. Look for them at The Vintage Marketplace, where they will be serving an assortment of unique beverages and a wide array of flavours to provide sustenance for a busy day of shopping!
DJ Donna Lovejoy Sm

DJ Donna Lovejoy

DJ Donna Lovejoy knows music. With over 15 years of experience on the wheels of steel, she has built a rock solid reputation, along with a pretty awesome vinyl and digital music collection courtesy of In Yer Ear, Dr. Disc and Cheapies. First inspired by the DJs at the underground raves of her youth, Lovejoy learned the art of mixing and blending records to create soundscapes to suit just about any type of party. Her success lies in her thoughtful approach to each unique event and her ability to weave several genres together in a single evening: Hip Hop, Disco, Motown, Retro, R&B, Electronic, Soul, Rock and everything inbetween!
(Image credit: Katie Nicolle Photography)

Little Makers Group

Little Makers - Homes for Honey Bees

In this workshop Little Makers will be building fairy garden bug hotels using repurposed building or gardening materials to create a mini-ecosystem, enabling all participants to help pollinators and other beneficial insects in their own backyards and gardens. To help build a healthier Hamilton for our pollinators, Little Makers will have native plants and flowers seed bomb kits available to assist bees and butterflies for little makers to take home along with their miniature homes.
Cost: $15 per maker/project  Est. length of project: 1.5 hours
Architect Hair Design Exterior

Beer & Wine Garden by Architect Hair Design

We have partnered with Architect Hair Design to bring you this unique shopping experience, and we can’t wait for you to see what they have in store! Architect Hair Design is more than a barbershop. It’s a meeting place. Located on 324 James St. North, Architect complements the traditional men’s grooming experience with a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and your choice of local craft beer (or wine) at their fully licensed bar. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, you’re in luck! Architect Hair Design will be at the Vintage Marketplace for the weekend, recreating a little bit of the shop’s feel. Yes guys, that means that there will be haircuts … and beer. Cheers.
The Vaudevillian 10

The Vaudevillian

“The Vaudevillian create the rusty ol’ 1920’s tunes that get ye off your darn caboose, stomping along, and doing the skoodle um skoo! With their steel guitar, bull fiddle, washboard, car horn & kazoos, you’ll think you’re at an old hidden speakeasy! Be sure to shine your shoes and bring your best tobacco, and get ready to enjoy a night filled with top shelf whiskey, saucy talking back and some wild waltzing!”